Case studies

Ayurveda (Knowledge of Life) is a system of healthcare with emphasis on prevention through appropriate diet and lifestyle solutions. It originated in the Indian subcontinent about 5,000 years ago, and until today is practiced as a parallel system of healthcare here. Millions of people in the East and West have benefited and stand testimony to the simple yet scientific solutions offered by the Ayurvedic approach. It is a recognized system of healthcare in some parts of the U.S and Europe. According to the holistic doctrine of Ayurveda, each human being is made of three bioenergies at the quantum level, and it is the unique combination of these bioenergies (also called doshas in Ayurveda) which determines our personality, mental & emotional disposition and disease tendencies. If one or more of the bioenergies is out of balance with our natural constitution over a period of time, ailments manifest.

Here is what the World Health Organization (WHO) has to say on Ayurveda:

“…it was concluded that Ayurveda would be the most effective system of alternative healing. There is hope that a global medicine will be created, with Ayurveda as its base.”

A metabolic-type friendly diet will generate fewer toxins (undigested food) in the system, while cleansing the colon and energizing the liver, which eventually leads to better absorption of nutrients, more energy and enhanced immunity.

At Golden Awareness Ayurveda & Nutrition Clinic, a personalized written report is rendered via email to the client after the first session. The report includes diet guidelines as well as customized herbal solutions (using common kitchen herbs) to address current ailments, keeping in mind the metabolic type of the client.

At least two follow-up sessions are scheduled in advance during the first visit. I endeavor to get my clients started on the fine-tuned diet regimen, and personally motivate them to keep on track via emails and phone. Whole organic food items rich in live enzymes and phytonutrients are employed as supplements at my clinic, to boost the nutrition status of clients as they embark on their program.

Key Benefits:

Customized: This is a highly customized and interactive healing approach, where the client is engaged as an active participant in the healing process. The client grows in awareness with each nutrition and lifestyle counseling session.

Holistic: The healing approach addresses wellness on all levels- diet and nutrition to strengthen the physical body, as well as healthy lifestyle measures, breathing techniques, acupressure, marma therapy and positive thinking approach to enhance life force. This translates into mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sustainable: Clients feel in control and experience positive changes as they embark on the program. This encourages them to implement the diet and lifestyle solutions, which would ultimately strengthen their immune system in years to come.


  1. Eating disorders (bulimia)
  2. Chronic constipation/ indigestion
  3. Acidity
  4. Low energy/ chronic fatigue
  5. Insomnia
  6. Childhood ailments (cough, congestion, low immunity, hyperactivity, ADD, rhinitis, allergies, etc.)
  7. Recurring headaches/ migraines
  8. Menopausal symptoms
  9. Urinary tract infections
  10. Skin disorders (acne, rashes, etc.)
  11. Weight problem: overweight/ underweight
  12. High cholesterol
  13. High blood sugar
  14. Irritable bowel syndrome
  15. Allergies
  16. Weak kidney functions
  17. Liver disorders
  18. Pregnancy and Postnatal health and wellness


It was great to have such a pampering experience following the birth of my second son. After having had a tough postnatal period with my 1st baby which ended with an extended postpartum bleeding, failure to breastfeed and distinct symptoms of postpartum depression (even despite a positive water birth experience!) I realized I wanted something totally different with my second child. 2 weeks after the birth of my 2nd son I came to see Dimple for postpartum diet and lifestyle counseling – something that no hospital does when they discharge you! Most women don’t know what they should eat and drink and how to rest efficiently in order to help the body to recover from birth. It is extremely important to take care of yourself after delivery, not only the baby, who gets most of the attention and care anyway. Thanks to Dimple’s treatments and herbal supplements I had a smooth journey through the “4th trimester” and felt more and more fresh, strong and optimistic after every session. It was such a treat!

I sincerely wish women knew more about postnatal care, therefore I can strongly recommend to read Dimple’s book “A New Age Manual for the New Mother – Postnatal and Beyond” which is a true pearl of modern wisdom and will be of great help to every mother.

Thanks again for everything!

Anastasia Belyaewa

“Dear Dimple, I am following the diet, and I feel already more energy and balance. Tonight, I had tomatoes for dinner and I feel that the big allergy I used to have, it ‘ s gone! I feel that my fire for the digestion is stronger, and I feel less afraid to eat things which were difficult for me to digest. Thank you so much to take care of me, and to help me in my journey towards Balance and Harmony.Love,Virginie.” Virginie Simone, Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur.

“Dr.Arora, my skin carcinoma condition had left red marks and scars on my face. My energy level was low and I had digestion problems when I first visited you. Today, my friends are commenting on my smooth and vital youthful skin – the red marks are almost gone thanks to your royal jelly and oils. My digestion is good and I feel so much more energy! My blessings and good wishes are with you. I can see your passion and hardwork, and your pleasant nature in effortlessly connecting with those who come to your clinic is just another aspect of god’s grace and gift you are blessed with. Bless you for all the difference you are making to our lives. Your presence truly has made a difference!” – Dorothy Grundt, 58 yrs, New Zealand.