Depression is a mental health episode where people feel sad, out-of-control, not understood and hopeless. It may manifest for a short period or can linger for months and years. It can be treated with medication.

Causes include various health issues, minor or major life changes, job loss,physical or emotional trauma, genetics, sleep issues, medical illness, drug and alcohol abuse.
Symptoms include changes in sleep, waking early,change in appetite, weight loss or gain, lack of concentration, difficulty thinking, loss of energy, profound fatigue, loss of interest.
There are many medications available to treat depression. Psychotherapy is helpful. Often, lifestyle adjustments help resolve the condition.
Exercise regularly and cut caffeine intake. B vitamin supplement help relieve stress. St. John’s Wort as a supplement may help. Eat a  balanced diet that is free of sugar and junk food. Test for food sensitivities

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