Diabetes is a problem of pancreas/insulin regulation.Diabetics don’t metabolize sugar properly. They have high amounts of sugar in the blood. Correction is often through diet, but in serious cases, taking insulin is required.

Type 1 Diabetic is genetic. Type 2 Diabetes is a disease brought on by lifestyle. Eating lots of sugar, eating junk food and nutrient-poor foods cause diabetes. Lack of exercise also contributes.
Symptoms include frequent urination, hunger, fatigue, being thirsty, hungry, blurred vision, dry mouth, itchy skin. Blindness, amputations and other serious conditions can result from untreated diabetes.
Get off all sugar. No soft drinks, fruit drinks or sugar-rich foods
Don’t skip meals; eat five small meals daily. No alcohol; only 1-2 fruits a day; increase whole grain and fiber rich foods.
Take chromium, cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvertre leaf.

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