Gout usually manifests in overweight people and those who indulge in rich foods and alcohol. It attacks joints, mainly the big toe. Deposits of crystallized uric acid cause swelling and severe pain.

Rich foods and alcohol can cause gout. There is also a niacin connection. If a person takes too much niacin, they can have a gout attack.
Gout causes very painful joints, particularly the big toe. Getting around is difficult in an acute attack. People under a gout attack in the ankle often think they have a broken their ankle. It is that painful.
Prescription medication is often needed to relieve Uric Acid buildup.
Stop eating food rich in purines: organ meats like kidney, fish like mackerel, herring, sardines and mussels, beer and yeast. Eat cherries and cherry juice throughout day.
Celery seed tea causes release of uric acid. Steep 2 teaspoons in 8 oz water. 2 cups daily. Drink plenty of water. Get off junk food, sugar, fried foods, and greasy meals.

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