Bulky Fees

Bulky Fees

If your item is too heavy, a bulky fee item surcharge will occur. Bulky fee is calculated per item and is based on the weight of the item and the location of your delivery address using the table below:

Product Weight (kg)Bangkok Metro and Greater AreaUpcountry AreaRemote Area

Under 20 kg.0 THB/box0 THB/box0 THB/box

≥20-25 kg.0 THB/box299 THB/box349 THB/box

≥25-30 kg.0 THB/box349 THB/box399 THB/box

≥30-50 kg.0 THB/box399 THB/box499 THB/box

More than 50 kg.0 THB/box599 THB/box699 THB/box

(≥ more than or equal to)

During checkout process, you can check your bulky fee (if any) in the Order Summary box.
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