Nutritional Balancing

What is Nutritional Balancing Science?

Nutritional balancing is a sophisticated, integrated system for healing body at a very deep level. It uses principles from all the traditional and modern healing arts to drastically increase the vitality level of the body. Nutritional balancing is not a remedy science, nor does it require the diagnosis of diseases. In this way it differs markedly from modern allopathic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalism and almost all nutritional therapies. 

If one balances the body chemistry, most diseases and symptom simply vanish. Based on this observation, most disease is simply evidence of the body’s whole system being out of balance. When the whole body system becomes balanced and strengthened at deep levels, most “disease entities” disappear on their own without a need to know all about them and without a need to always name them.

Robert Peter Morgan

Robert Peter Morgan

Certified Nutritional Balancing Practitioner

For the past 30+ years Robert has dedicated himself to exploring alternative therapies, technologies and philosophies to enhance his own life and the lives of others. He has experienced numerous healing modalities , was vegetarian for 38 years, did 40 day water fasting, stayed at various ashrams & monastaries in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India , Northern Thailand & in U.S.A .

Owner of health food restaurants & Natural food grocery stores. From his vast experiences and knowledge, he believes that the Nutritional Balancing Program is one of the most effective and comprehensive programs on the planet to help maintain one's balance and to help the individual reach their FULL POTENTIAL AS A HUMAN BEING.

Robert works in direct contact with Dr. Larry Wilson in coming up with customized nutritional balancing program for all his clients.


Engage our certified Nutitrional Balancing Practitioner with your queries today.
Anyone looking to improve vitality and health can be on a program, even kids. A customised Nutritional Balancing program is designed based on interpreted Hair Mineral Analysis. Following recommended Diet, Supplements, Lifestyle adjustments and Detoxification protocols helps improve the energy producing mechanisms of your body. 

Energy then becomes available for healing, regeneration and removing toxic metals. This is a holistic approach where Body, Mind and Spirit are simultaneously balanced.

Dear Robert,

I must tell you that I have not felt as good since 3 years. My brain fog, heavy head, pressure on my eyes seems to be gone and I am so thankful to you and Dr. Wilson. I also feel that I have already much more energy again. I know that my underlying problems, my artery disease will take much longer to cure and i am eager to continue with the program.

The problems above impacted me most on my daily life. And now, all the sudden these problems seem to be gone. I have been to doctors all around the world and paid thousands of dollars in medical bills. And nobody was able to tell me what’s wrong with me. The hair analysis and report was a 100% accurate how I felt. It’s incredible and i love reading every night articles on the website of Dr. Wilson. I am so glad that i came across the website and that i have you here in Thailand as my support and mentor. Talk to you soon.

— Corporate Executive.

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to write and thank you and Dr. Wilson’s team for helping me regain my health.As you know I have been into nutrition for many years, but last year was extremely stressful and my health suffered. I became “hyper thyroid”, which can be life threatening. My Doctor said I had 3 choices:

1) to remove my thyroid,
2) to radiate my thyroid or
3) to take immune suppressing drugs.

I was told there was nothing I could do naturally. None of those options appealed to me. After 8 months of following your program as best I could my thyroid has totally stabilized. Also I no longer have antibodies, which means I no longer have an auto immune response! I couldn’t be happier! I am always surprised by how accurate the analysis of my hair is. The interpretation of the ratio’s has been dead on, even emotionally. You guys are totally gifted. I look forward to contained success with your program. I feel like growing older doesn’t have to be so bad. Thanks again.

— Real estate agent, model, mother, wife.


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