MAFactive Frankincense Cream

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Warning: contains almond oil. For external use only.




Skin cream with added essential oils of frankincense and intense nourishing glycoproteins 25ml

Contains both frankincense carterii and frankincense frereana for a balanced cream and 4x intense glycoprotein for deep nourishment. The vitamin D binding glycoprotein may help to support the immune system and skin immunity, this versatile cream can be used as part of your beauty regime, your lymphatic massage routine, or topically to improve the appearance of troubled skin. The glycoprotein is at a concentration of about 6,000ng per pot. A pot contains approximately 60 applications, each one of which will deliver approx 100ng of enriching protein.

Ingredients: Water, sweet almond oil (prunus amydalis dulcis), essential oils of frankincense, emulsifying wax NF, borax, glycoprotein. Store out of direct sunlight and use by the date indicated. For external use only 25ml
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Warning: contains almond oil. For external use only.

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  1. 5 out of 5

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  2. 5 out of 5

    My dad had prostate cancer, diagnosed agressive and needing urgent chemo and radiation, otherwise he would be dead in 6 months, That was over 18 months ago. He refused the option and uses the frankincense cream twice a day on his perineum. His PSA a couple of months ago was 2, now it is 1.5. This score is much lower than most men his age. Its good to see it still continuing to go down. He changed nothing else, and still continues to smoke and not eat a healthy diet, so I am very happy to see these results, I wasnt expecting the news to be this positive.

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