GcMAF/ Goleic


The human immune system has a powerful glycoprotein called GcMAF that eats up cancer cells. It is the body’s own internal medicine. ALL healthy people have GcMAF which acts like a commanding officer of your immune system.GcMAF activates immune cells called macrophages that identify and destroy pathogens and invaders.

Serious illnesses like cancer, aids and HIV, suppress your immune system, so the disease can grow unchecked. People whose immune system has been suppressed also has high levels of Nagalase, this is especially common among people with cancer and chronic diseases.

Nagalase stops glycoprotein from activating into GcMAF so the macrophages never get the command to attack. This means more pathogens, more nagalase, less GcMAFand more immune suppression.

Studies have shown that when GcMAF is stabilized with oleic acid found naturally in our body, its efficacy is many times more powerful than standard GcMAF. Thus Goleicis developed as a second generation GcMAF with greater potency and efficacy.

Goleic is commonly used for inflammation, bacterial and viral infection, and immune diseases. They can be available in vials (injectable), suppositories and drops. A yogurt starter-kit is also available to help replenish and rebuild the gut flora.


MicroBioMax Yogurt Starter-Kit (Made in Switzerland)

MicroBioMax Suppositories (Made in Switzerland)

MicroBioMax Suppositories (Made in Switzerland)




Goleic is sold as a health supplement and does not claim to cure any disease. Please consult your doctor for specific advice.

There are 142 eminent scientists who have published GcMAF research papers onthe US National Library of Medicine alone.You could refer to ‘The Science’ at GcMAF.asia and the protocol in treating Autism, ME/CFS, MS/ Parkinson/ Alzheimer’s, kidney and liver diseases.